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The tree of a natural life

(Just a quick and short post while waiting on part two of ‘basketball, good summers and motor control’)

The other day, somebody asked me how important the landing technique is.

My immediate answer was: “In life, of very little importance.”

Of course I knew he was asking about running, but still I could only think of the relativity of it all. Landing technique is only one part of running technique, and technique is only one aspect of natural running, which is only one of the many natural movements, which is only a portion of a natural lifestyle…

While thinking of the answer, in a split second, I saw in my mind a picture of a tree where one leaf is the landing technique, and all the other leaves are other factors contributing to a fulfilling and natural life. I could call it the tree of a natural life.

Since my drawing abilities are not good, to say the least, I tried to make a schematic picture of my tree of a natural life.

You should see the different colours as different levels of the tree: the trunk, a major branch, a minor branch, a leaf.

Please note that the natural* lifestyle elements I list, are only tentative and limited. Multiple books could and have been written about it.

Sometimes we can get passionate about details, and they can surely make a difference, but we should not forget that they are just that, details…

What detail are you fretting about?

Thanks for reading,


* The word natural is a very tricky word. My use of ‘natural’ refers to biologically logical, meaningful in an evolutionary sense, species specific, in accordance with but not necessarily mimicking our ancestral lifestyle. And some things/values can be perfectly natural, even in my use of the word, but are not worth pursuing or morally undesirable.


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