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Welcome to the movementislife blog!

Why? That word, that question, that attitude, is what got me into this. Curiosity for understanding human movement and biology, a strong desire to help my patients better, a love for the natural world, anthropology and Africa, is what motivates me and drives my thinking. It changed my clinical views and practice, it changed my own behaviour, it changed my lifestyle.

Now it is time for me to put some of my ideas into words. What can we learn from our hunter-gatherer ancestors about musculoskeletal health? How can Darwin make physical therapists better? Could an evolutionary model illuminate some research questions?

This blog will serve as a way of sharing information, maybe having a bit of a dialogue with readers. But it will also help me organizing my thoughts, reading and research.

This blog will contain speculation, hypotheses and opinion. Some of that will be scientifically substantiated. Some will have evolutionary logic. Some will be mere speculation and opinion. Please feel free to comment and give feedback. You can also use the contact page on the website.

Thank you for visiting,



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